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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camping - Good Times! 8-14-08

Our First night Camping we had a fabulous dinner of Foil Bakes….which inside included all of dinner! The kids ate super good which was amazing because Maliyah doesn’t like meat other than chicken and this was just Hamburger. She also doesn’t usually like any veggies…and she said she loved the carrots and Potatoes! Hurray for Camping!

I love camping because I actually get to sit and do nothing! I sat and held Jade while Duck threw a ball around with the kids…they loved it, I loved being lazy…wonderful!

Finally after Maliyah begging all night, we went exploring! We went and checked out the Rogue River, which is where we were camping….Valley of the Rogue. And discovered many blackberry bushes. At first Duck wouldn’t believe me that they were okay and edible, but then he saw other people picking them and I guess decided then it was okay!

"The Dark and Spooky Forsest!"

I carried Jayden on my Back in the baby carrier for awhile, but he was getting wiggly, so I moved him to the front. Worked fine until I got back to camp and my back was hurting from carrying around his 25 pounds on my front!

Maliyah's Blackberries!

Jadyen was like a Camel while we were camping, well actually we all were. It was so hot....let me remind you...110 degrees! So pretty much we were sweating out the water as fast as we could drink it!

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Hunsaker said...

too bad it was so hot for you guys! our weather was just about perfect! it was a little too hot in the mid day, but we stayed in the river or the shade and we were fine! but it's still fun, no matter how hot!