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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Matchy Matchy! 7-16-08

A few days ago Duck told me to go downstairs and look in Maliyah’s room. On her bed she had carefully laid out her clothes for the next day. She had everything from shoes and accessories laid out! It was obviously cute enough I took a picture, but then later I discovered she had found her winter clothes in the closet and returned them all to her drawers and had trashed her closet. She did an okay job about matching so I let her wear the outfit, but I refused to let her wear the hat! She has been so into wanting to get herself dressed that if she wakes up and discovers that I’m already awake, she will hurry and pick out her clothes before I get the chance! Most of the time though she gets to pick a top or a bottom, then I get to pick the other, because although she understands the concept of matching, her choices aren’t always the best to suit our activities for the day!

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Dixie Packer said...

how cute is that... she did a pretty good job. maddie is being kinda picky with what she wears lately too, and how her hair is done. luckily she doesn't think about it too much. i just bring her clothes out to put them on and just do her hair while she's watching a movie.