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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The rest of July

First day of Tigard girls camp and it was crazy hair day.

Another month passes....more July

Teen Selfie = My phone stealer ;)

It was my fault. I might have cried. And made Kyson help me clean it up.

Heading out on a date and snatched a pic first

Produce and flowers we got to pick on our date :)

Being sick sucks. Especially when it's strep. and yes, it was over 90 degrees, I was eating hot soup and was wrapped in a blanket. That's what a crazy fever will do to you.

Thank heavens for something to take the edge off.

And grateful for a reason to finally sit and watch some of my favorite movies!

Jayden had been making snow cones every day...we finally had a cooler day so instead of snow cones I said he could help me make some muffins from all the fresh blackberry's we had been picking.

Austin had his little bestie over to play. I discovered new awesome lighting in our playhouse!

Community Emergency Preparedness Fair put on by our Stake.

Teen Late night.  Maliyah had friends over for night games and smores.

Sunday best still going strong!

I found these necklaces at Justice (a store I normally don't even care to step foot in!) and they were sooooo perfect.  Each main charm is so representative of my mother.  A music note, the Eiffel Tower and a camera.  And they were on sale.  Sold!

Hoffman Farms U-pick