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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The rest of July

First day of Tigard girls camp and it was crazy hair day.

she rocked it.

Testing out a new splash pad. We had fun but it was meh.

Camping trip with the kids....started with a visit to the new Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Cheese tasting...the best part!

Found a park to play at as we took a break to buy and eat some Tillamook ice-cream.

This is Rockaway and they have a train ride. Austin loved watching the train!

Played hard.

Unfortunately we were not able to get a camping spot, but luckily we don't live too far away so we came home and set up camp here!

My tent buddy...looking forward to our road trip in September!

Pretty morning light.

We still were 'camping' so we went to Champoeg Historical State Park.  Great visitors center and garden.  Enjoyed a picnic by the river and old fashioned ice-cream.

Lastly a visit to recommended San Salvador Beach. Totally out in the middle of nowhere, but a perfect river beach on the Willamette.

Since Maliyah got to have a night game party with her friends, we let the other kids all invite some friends over for a game night.  

Kysons friends got to stay a bit later and do smores too.

San Salvador Beach was such a pretty place I took Duck there on his birthday date.  Mostly we just played Frisbee in the water (by evening it wasn't that hot out to actually play in the water) but we'll have to come back here again.

Sunday Best 

Duck and Savannah Birthday!  We did Duck's birthday foods on Sunday so Savannah could have her own requests. Requests like Rainbow pancakes!

Happy Birthday 9 year old!

Grumpy because he wanted the present to be for him.

a tiny bit excited?

Rainbow Cake!

Family Birthday part at the family fun center. We got the unlimited passes and seriously had a blast!

I even got brave and did the ropes course with. Jayden. 

Miniature Golf. I think this was Austins favorite. 

How Austin would play is place his ball inches from the hole then hit it in.  lol it was funny watching him try that on this one.  He would set his ball down and not get to hit it because it would automatically roll in!

Maliyah took Savi on the ropes course. I was so proud of her for trying it!