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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Play dates, Choo Choo trains and girls EFY prep

Pretty much hot weather is the best because nakedness can happen

and not only is peeing in the grass exciting (Daddy taught him) but pooping like a dog in the grass is pretty cool too

We had the Johnson boys over for a day and the kids had a great time and played really well together!

When you want mom to hold you and she won't and instead pulls out her camera to take a picture of your total devastation.

We saw this bus while running some errands and HAD to pull over to take a picture. so cool!

Maliyah made shirts for her and Raegan to wear at EFY.  the other shirt said TALL best friend!

I was on the floor playing with Austin and Maliyah pulled the camera out. YAY to me being in pictures and yay that Maliyah is starting to get really good at finding unique angles and capturing details in a lifestyle way.

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