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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Austin PT

It's funny how by having another blog (a journal blog) it's caused me instead of having less time for this blog, to wanna write more.  So I don't even have a LOT of anything super spectacular to mention but it has been potty training week.  I've gone back and referenced and re-read this post a few times in prep and during to remind myself of what I had done before that worked:


And it worked again. I think KEY is that I wait till they are ready.  Austin was SOOO ready.  And so stinkin cute about it all.  Day one he pooped in the toiled 3 times. Which for him and his pooping issues is HUGE.  He gets the urge and holds it in probably 10 times a day.  So he did try about 10 times and he got a treat each time for trying cause bless his heart it's not easy.  But THREE times it got out. And it's not easy, it hurts him, they are hard.  I'm hoping that going in the potty rather than always holding it in will help solve that problem.  Lots of blueberries, water, grapes and keeping him naked hopefully helped too!

Tuesday and Wednesday he took himself. Every. Single. Time.  No poops although tried a few times, but pee. He got it down.  I finally let him start wearing underwear and he totally takes it on and off hhimeslf. He doesn't even bother telling anybody he needs to go, he just takes himself. Unbelievable!

I still stayed with him constantly, watching him. He helped with evrything I needed to do, we made a cake, made breakfast and dinner, we folded towels, did LOTS of puzzles, LOTS of bubbles, playing with his trains, reading books and took naps together.  OH!!! AND he has stayed dry through all his naps and bedtime diapers! Seriously amazing. I don't think it could have been easier.

So...with all this fun hanging out and doing nothing else, well I kinda went crazy on the pictures.  So....here ya go.

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