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Monday, August 5, 2013

Update {Packer Family Reunion | Grandma Packers 90th Birthday}

This weeks post is just my attempt to finally document our Packer Family Reunion we had in May!  Then next week my hope it to finish July….then I’ll be CLOSE to catching up!
There is SO much I could share about this reunion. I wrote PAGES in my journal about it. BUT….I’m going to spare you all the details because to those who would even care…well, they were all there and know how AMAZING it all was!
It was my Grandma Packers {Grape} 90th birthday and her birthday wish was to have all her posterity there. She ALMOST got that wish. One of my uncles ended up in the hospital the day we started so they never made it.  We of course all understood!
WE started off with family pictures. Isn’t that a great way to start a reunion? Okay, actually lots of us got in the day before and had already had plenty of fun…we were ready to get serious.
I have lots of pictures to share, but not one of our whole family. There is too many head, eye, mouth, BODY swaps to make it what I want it and I wasn’t about to spend the time doing that right now. 

So here is the Steve Packer Family:
Mom and Dad of course   |   Austin & Emma
 Packer Family Reunion
Nate & Dixie
Becca didn’t have a picture done of JUST her {so this is one of my faves from her missionary session}, and we didn’t have a family one done because we had JUST had one done in the exact same clothes. Plus the chance of getting all my kids to even look at the camera let alone be happy was WAY past a possibility, so I didn’t even bother
DSC_7884 Duckworth Family-45
Jaron & Vanesa
Janine & Adam Hunsaker
Brent & Shalamar
Jordan & Larissa

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