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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Austin & Emma’s Wedding

Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. For those of you who aren’t on Facebook, I have been doing my ‘blogging’ on Facebook the past couple months.  The webhost I used for storing my photo’s changed their site and I did NOT like their changes!  I haven’t had time until now (or at least haven’t taken the time) to mess with it and figure out how I wanted to do my blogging. Hopefully this method (windows Live Writer) is much more efficient and I will be able to keep blogging! 

I’m also not going to try to catch up.  I posted the last two months on Facebook and so I’ll just start right now and move forward!

We just returned yesterday from Utah. I had been there for a week helping to prepare and participate in my littlest brothers wedding!  I still can’t believe he is married…he seems so little and young! But I’m so excited for him, so proud of the decisions him and Emma are making and am so excited to see them grow and raise a family!  Love you guys!

I haven’t even talked to my mom yet about how we were going to go about doing these pictures.  This was our first wedding together and although a busy, cold and tiny bit stressful day/week…things worked out (despite camera issues!).  So there are tonz more pictures that will be posted later, but for now just a couple for fun!

I won’t share the ring story just quite yet….but lets just say Austin and Emma gave Duck and I reason to laugh more than once that morning!

DSC_0480x DSC_0492x DSC_0488x

You would never guess how cold it was by looking at them!  But I’ll assure you…it was.


  DSC_0601x DSC_0610x DSC_0553x


Emma and her bridesmaids!  My sister Becca on the left, and Emma’s sister Becca on the right.  We should have thrown in my Emma just to make things interesting!


Well that went pretty quick.  I think once I get used to this, blogging should be up and going at a normal pace again! Yay!!!

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