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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week Update 10-30 through 11-6-11

It's another week and great stories to tell through pictures! We have had an eventful busy week and fun opportunities to spend together. It snowed this week which always puts me int he mood to just hang out with my kids, do crafts and drink Hot chocolate! We didn't necessarily have lots of time to do that, but we did our best to enjoy this freshly fallen snow!

I have a couple friends that this year created a photo diary of their girls each Sunday in their dresses. One friend did 27 dresses, the other did 52 DRESSES! EAch week was a different dress! No, I'm not going to put my girls in different dresses each week, BUT I did have thought. EAch Sunday I get the kids dressed in their Sunday best and I love how nice they look. I always want to take a picture but it seems that we are always in a hurry to get out the door to church. I decided that I'm going to commit myself to taking a picture of my kids each Sunday right before church. It's really not going to take much time, less than a minute as we are getting out of the car going into church. So I'm going to do it...(at least try) and then post our "Sunday Best" picture in my first post each week as I blog. Here is todays picture!


I look forward to seeing this similarly posed picture each week as it will really document how the kids grow over the year!


Amy said...

I love the idea!! Now I'm thinking I should do something like this with all my kids! I love how we can inspire each other!!

McAllister said...

This is so too cute my friend! too cute!

Emily said...

Camille- I ran across your darling blog via a comment you made about heather's quiet books. I would love if you would share them with me. I saw them earlier this year, meant to download, but got busy with a new baby. Thanks in advance- Emily Clark. Chrisemclark@hotmail.com