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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update 11-21 through 11-27-11 {Sunday Best}

Ahhh, weekly update. Well I'm happy to say that because of my busyness last weekend and getting lots of work done we were able to have a somewhat relaxing weekend! It was nice to just have the whole weekend to spend together as a family.

With my Sunday Best project I decided to add a story each time. Todays Story as we were running late for church again, and got out of the church, found that Savannah's bow was missing. I wasn't worried about it, we did the picture and amazingly got into church before they started the sacrament.

After church as we were getting into the car we found Savannah's bow! It was hanging...attached by the tulle to the fabric that covers the ceiling of our car! lol, it was pretty funny to see it hanging there by a thread.



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McAllister said...

I LOVE Jayden in the first picture. Classic.