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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve

Being lazy with Dad's day off work! With no other e mplyees at this time he has been working a lot and it was awesome to just have a day to be lazy, sleep in, watch cartoons and did I mention be Lazy? I LOVED it!


Gma and Gpa stayed at a hotel and ran to walmart before coming to the house the morning of the 24th. Maliyah waited ALL morning...asking about every 5 minutes when they would arrive. Finally she talked to Grandma on the phone and was told it would be soon. So she parked it in the foyer and waited there for about 15 minutes until they arrived!

Photobucket Photobucket

Christmas dinner. (we have our big dinner Christmas Eve)



Savannah was either really hungry...or REALLY didn't want her picture taken. (or both!)


Our fabulous Dessert! Banana Cream pie...one of our favorites!


Again, I didn't take pictures...of course I'm regretting it now, but our traditions Christmas eve is to tell the Christmas story. This was the first year we felt the kids were old enough to try to act it out...we still were missing LOTS of the people in the story, but it was still fun to try! Jayden we learned makes an awful shepherd! Lol.

The kids also get to open two presents, a new ornament for the tree and their new christmas Pj's. This was also the first year I felt the kids were old enough to make it worth doing the homemade gifts. So we all had drawn names and whomever we picked we had to make a homemade gift. My family did this growing up and still do as adults and I LOVE IT! It was really fun. I think most of the time we will open those on Christmas eve but this year we waited until Christmas morning.

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