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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update 10-18 through 10-31

Hope everybody had a fun Halloween! We did, and our weekend was full of crazy busy events, but I think the kids had fun!

I wasn't feeling well last week so sorry I didn't post, but I didn't really have much to share that week anyway.

I"m even trying to rack my brain as to what events took place other than what I have pictured here! Savannah is getting a little better at walking although she is still pretty wobbly. School is going well and even for a few days I was starting to feel better and we were getting more done! This week my body decided I guess I was getting TOO much done because it started to be sick and tired again. Whah.

I'm about 17 1/2 weeks and am looking forward to scheduling my next ultrasound and finding out what this little bugger is going to be! Kyson wants a boy, Maliyah a girl...Jayden I don't think even comprehends, and although I would love another girly head of hair to do....I woudl be completely happy with either!

Enjoy all the Halloween pictures!

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