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Sunday, October 3, 2010

8 week Update!!!

(Just wanted to first mention that this weeks update is over two pages. So if you want to catch it all...which I think you will want to, you will have to go to previous page at the bottom of this page. I dont know why it does that some times and not others, but oh well.)

Oh wow I know it's been long, and I still have so many pictures I wish I could have shared from Nauvoo and other events, but that's okay....hopefully now that school is in session and we have a little bit more controlled environment I will be able to get back to my weekly posts!

Everybody I think saw last week our announcement that baby 5 is on it's way so I have been having fun unfortunately still dealing with sickies and exhaustion, but we have made it through okay! Although it really tested me when I started potty training Jayden this week and sitting around with him all day wiped me out! We would be doing puzzles, and I would fall asleep. We would watch a show, and I would fall asleep. WE would play computer games, and I would fall sleep. It was pretty pathetic! But he is doing FANTASTIC! He hasn't had an accident since the first day, is poopin in the toilet and hasn't wet the bed once. Really I couldn't ask for more! He can do it all on his own and I don't even have to ask him (although I instinctly do), he just runs and says it's coming! when he has to go.

As long as he keeps it up then we are hoping to take a trip to the coast this weekend for my birthday. I can't wait! I love the Oregon Coast! Hope you all have been well and I am anxious to hear from anybody I haven't talked to in awhile!

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