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Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is a learning process

These pictures are from a little while back, and they really aren't anything super fabulous, but I just LOVE the people in them. The great part is even if I'm not that great of a photographer yet, they make the pictures look good because gosh darn it....they Look Good! Mostly it was a freezing cold day, with not the prettiest of locations...and a photographer who really is still learning how to use her camera!

There were two families and they have been best of friends for a long time. This first picture is of the daughter of one family and their two foster boys. The one on the left is in Maliyah's Kindergarten class and they are both in my Primary. I LOVE them and have to admit the thought of adopting them goes through my mind at least 10 times a week.

This is Jenny. Beautiful, adorable and simple stunning! Love ya girl!

Lol, these pictures just make me laugh. Their first shoot was a picture of the times. EAch child wore an outfit from a different decade. The Kids' idea! It was pretty hilarious. Then Dad has a line of clothing called Rage Wear and this picture they are all serious is their RAge poses.

This is Malea. She is the second Malea we have met, she is in my primary and music classes and is about the sweetest little thing (although I have seen her fiesty side!) I'm so glad to know this little darling.

The next two are of Megan and Brooke. They are sisters and just so sweet. Also in my primary I have just loved getting to know them. I think when we move the hardest part will be leaving all my children in this ward. I have really come to love them all so much. I have always had a curse of quickly falling in love with children I know. I say curse because inevitably I have to leave them at some point in time. I'm so lucky to know all these sweet spirits!

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