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Sunday, February 7, 2010

HOme Depot project days

One of my goals since starting homeschool was to make more effort to attend the craft days at Home Depot. They are free...so why not!? This week they were making display cases for cars and even though Maliyah enjoyed building it, the boys were THRILLED by what we were making! They all did a fantastic job. Maliyah and Kyson both driving the nails in on their own, and Jayden being so patient waiting for help.

Kimberly and Payton joined us and Payton did an awesome job at the hammering as well! He was so cute to watch, and so proud of himself when he was done!

Look at those little hands working right beside his daddy's.

Kyson very proud of his accomplisment.


Another patient bystander. (Oh and a super cute one too!)

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Heidi said...

I so miss those awesome Home depot days. I love Savannah's hair, straight up. It's so cute. I'm glad the homeschooling is going so great.