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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Golly you would think we live in Oregon!

So, we have not had a typical Klamath Falls winter. It's been rainy...not much snow and actually very mild! Seriously not what we normally get. But this last Sunday that all changed! I went into my 7:30 meeting with clear sky's and came out of the meeting seeing all white! I never did check to see how much snow we got, but it was a lot. It snowed all day Sunday, heavy wet snow!
The boys were thrilled to be able to get out and play with it!

Kyson loves making snow angels. i think he spent half of his time falling on his back!

I didn't feel like dressing up Savannah to be outside for long, but I did take her out on the deck for a few minutes. (And notice the drool....can't have a pic without it)

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