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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update 11-8 through 11-14-09

With Potty Training continuing, my life just continued to be more and more beind on everything else! Yet I had to move on. Since the only time I was going anything, or getting anything done, was during naps and bedtime, I spent most evenings up late. It's now really catching up and I feel sick. So this week I'm determined to make great efforts to get more sleep!

This weekend we went out to dinner for kids' birthdays, had Super Saturday(which I'll post more about next week), and had Jaydens birthday party. With how behind I was with just house work, adding these extra things really threw me for a loop! I spent most nights up WAY too long, overworked my husband WAY too much (JK) and by sunday was spent. Duck really though was amazing this weekend, constantly working, checking off things on my list to do, staying up late with me, and staying up even later last night cleaning up after the party and letting me go to bed. He was amazing and there is NO way I could have pulled it off with out him. THANKS DUCK! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING!

One thing I will miss about putting everything aside for Potty Training, is the time spent all day just with the kids. It was fun to do puzzles, play games, color and watch movies and cuddle on the couch together. Goodbye lazy...hello life! Hope you enjoy the pictures and stories this week!

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Herways in Brussels said...

Well, I had a great time getting caught up. Don't envy the toilet training saga. Hang in there!
Oh, just heard the news about Austin and Rome Italy. Woohoo!