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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hair do!

Okay, so I pretty much hardley EVER take pictures of Maliayh's hair do's anymore because we are always in such a hurry to just get her out the door for school, and by the time she gets home they are most certainly NOT picture worthy.

This one isn't anything new or innovative by any means, in fact it's the same one posted at the very bottom of the blog in Maliyah's little picture collage, but it's just cute enough to post about.

Pretty simple....half hair up in two pony's. I love the diagonal part but that's not necessary. Then bring them together in one rear pony. Rat it to death, re-pony the pony (did that confuse you?) only pulling half way through the last loop, then rat some more and voila....so super cute! Of course then you have to add a bow....for some reason that made it in AFTER the pictures were taken.



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