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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Preschool Rocks

YES! Preschool does rock, and that's the name of our little moms preschool group. Thursday morning we had OUR preschool pictures. they turned out super oober cute, and then I hosted preschool. Our theme was Days of the Week and I saw the idea online to use the Hungry Caterpillar book, so I did!. It was perfect, I gathered a ton of ideas to use around it including our snack. We had an apple, pear, plum, strawberry and orange (if you haven’t read the story, you need to!)! We had games, music time, letter and number recognition, crafdts, coloring pages and story time. It was a blast! It totally made staying up till 1:00 in the morning worth it! i don't have the group pictures from that morning, but here are just a few I got with my camera.

That was finally the break in my business, I didn’t have plans that night, nothing I HAD to get done and nowhere we HAD to be. I was going to take a nap. Did I though? Nope. Got savannah fed and to sleep, boys fed and to sleep, savs wakes up, get her back to sleep, Jade wakes up, Savs wakes up, Ky wakes up, Maliyah comes home from school, get a call to pick up a piano I was getting, stopped by a friends, came home and it was bedtime. How did my afternoon disappear so quickly? Oh well

Friday was my favorite day this week. Friday I got to spend the day with Maliyah AT school! I had a sitter for the boys in the morning, then Duck took the afternoon off to watch them and Savannah. It was so much fun to see all that she does, the friends that she always talks about, the things the has learned at recess, and how her teacher has been working with her on things. Of course the best part was that she was so excited for me to be there. She constantly was looking out for me, making sure I was around, asking if I could sit by her at lunch and play with her at recess! It was so much fun for me to have that time to spend with her….I loved it!

>That night we had the missionaries for dinner which the kids of course always love. We made a yummy beef stroganoff which I just posted here. It’s so easy, the kids love it and for the most part is low cal (for a stroganoff anyway!).

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