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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Week of Family, Fun, and New Baby!

LIke I mentioned in the last post some of my family arrived Saturday night. Sunday was quiet and uneveneful, during the hour that I was home alonE! It was a full house, and about to get fuller the next day, but it was great to have them here. I went to church just for Sunday school and enjoyed that quiet hour I had alone to myself to get ready for church.

Savannah in her first Dress all ready for church!

Monday had to still be my chore day...even with family here I knew with a new baby I couldn't get too far behind or else it would take me weeks to get caught back up...and it still feels like it is!

Monday night my sister Janine and her two kids, and my sister Becca arrived. They were all here and it was a party! But craziest party of all was trying to hurry and get out the door to have my mom take savannah's pictures! It was going to be the only night we would have to do it while she was here. So shortly after Janine and Becca arrived, all the boys got to hang out here at the house (yes Duck and Brent got to watch all 5 boys, oh and Maliyah too!) while all us gals went out for pictures. We had driven around the night before looking for places that would work for the pictures and one place we drove by was a yard I had actually seen a few weeks prior when they were having a yard sale and I rememberd how beautiful it was. We decided to try there. WE pulled up, found the owner of the home and asked if we could use her yard. This lady was a saint. She not only said yes and that she was honored that we would want to use her yard, but she stood with us through the whole photo shoot, holding Olivia most of the time! Kathy was just too cute for words. WE absolutely loved that evening getting to know her. WE knew we would be seeing her again! (and we did! the next night we had her over for DUck's birthdy party and again we absolutely loved her company! Thanks Kathy for being so great!)
So here is where we are so lucky and I get to show you all the fun pictures we took that night!



Here are a few of Olivia, Brents baby girl, and then the two girls together. Shal is going ot kill me for posting these because she is just barely even getting the CD of them today...but sorry shal, gotta post while I have time to post!


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Heidi said...

I love these pictures. What a great yard.