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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update week 8-16 through 8-23-09

Welcome to the blog. I feel like that’s all it is ‘the blog’. But I try to convince myself that’s it’s our story, the window for you all to take a peek into our life and in a small way be a part of my childrens growing up! I hope for those of you that frequent ‘the blog’ feel that it has facilitated that!

***I almost forgot! Some people somehow missed Savannah's Birth post...the one with all the details! So if you have a few minutes (cause it's long!) and you want the dirty details (okay not too dirty) then click this link:


This is is the page it was posted on....just after her birth arrival post:


We had a super busy week. I am trying to fill our time with summer kids worthy activities before Maliyah goes off to school. We made a list, plugged that list of activities into the calendar and have tried to stick with it. One activity at least a day. It’s made for business, and craziness because I have been a little behind on other things, but at the end of the day I’m SO happy that I did something for my kids.

Monday we had Savannah's 2 week appointment. She was 8 pounds, way over her birthweight so apparently she is eating good! Maiyah also had to get her kindergarten shots...6 of them! It was awful....especially because she did so good! I had warned her that she could cry, but had to hold still and she did great! All the kids did really good, behaving well, so we went out for lunch and ICE CREAM! That night for Family Home Evening we went to the park. It had been awhile since we have done that all as a family so it was really fun. The weather was great, a little breezy and it turned out to be a really nice evening. I also was able to come home and go on some walks with the kids, taking turns in the stroller.

Tuesday we headed out to the park again, not for the playground though. This time we went swimming! We had a couple of friends meet us there which of course made it really fun. I forgot my camera, but my friend Heather had hers so when I get those pictures from her, I’ll post them for sure! Tuesday night was Kyson’s preschool open house. I have been excited for him to do preschool, but we were going to do the Tue Thurs classes which unfortunately didn’t get enough sign-ups and probably won’t happen. Her MWF classes are full too, so mostly likely we’ll have to go with something else. But it did get Kyson excited about the idea of going to school.

Wednesday ws a SUPER busy day. That morning was the elementary schools registration. I swapped kids with a friend which made it really special to be able to take Maliyah all on her own. We got her registered, walked around the school, checked out the bathroom and library and even got to see the kindergarten rooms! She is soooo excited and although I’m having a hard time with it, I know she will absolutely be fine and love it to death!

Our activity for Wednesday was to make Pajama pants and matching blankets for the kiddos. They had previously picked out their own fabrics and we were ready to go! My friend that watched the boys wanted to learn how to make them so I had her come over to join us. It was truly a party, including her 7 children, 2 she was babysitting, and my 4. Yes, that’s 13 kids playing around my house while we sewed. They actually did really good, and we got the pants done. I then let Ky and Maliayh skip their naps to help finish their pants and blankets. I have failed to take any pictures, but like always I eventually will and will post them later!

Wednesday isn’t done though. That evening we took Maliyah out, just her and Mom and Dad to look for a backpack and go out to dinner. She loves those moments and opportunities so it was fun to see her excited and happy!

That’s pretty much our week. Busy, fun, exciting, emotional, stressful, exhausting…..need I say more. That’s our life. BUT! Good news. We have kept Svannah’s crib in the living room all week and apparently that did the trick. WE did a 6 hour night, then a 5 ½ hour night, then a 7 ½ hour night, then it just continued that way all week! Keep our fingers crossed it stays that way and pray that I can make a habit of going to bed when she does so I get that much sleep!

I LOVE being a mom. I LOVE my children, I LOVE my husband and I wouldn’t trade my life for anything else. I might trade my house with a smaller one with less work (JK), but I want you all to know, as crazy and busy and wacko life can get, I know who watches over us, I know that HE loves and cares for me and won’t give me more than I can handle so I am going to continue to love my family and my life and have faith that I can DO it! Even when the bishop does call my husband to a crazy calling at horrible time in our life!


Amy said...

You're so cute, Camille! How fun for your kids to pick out their own material and help you make P.J.s! :)

Hunsaker Family said...

sounds like a great week. can't wait to hear how school goes for you and maliyah!