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Sunday, July 26, 2009

WEek updates 7-12 through 7-19 and 7-20 through 7-26-09

I'll try to make this update before the pictures quick as any info really worth reading is with the pictures anyway!

I didn't post last week because mid-week I had dropped my camera and then I was having a hard time downloading my pictures. My card wouldn't read directly from the computer, but even with it in the camera and plugged into the computer it wouldn't read. I assumed something was wrong with the card or camera, although it was working fine otherwise. Well today when it wasn't working again I thought maybe it was my computer. I turned it off, waited awhile...turned it back on, updated a few things....then voila! It worked! So now we have pictures, hurray!

Quick update on me, I'm just about 39 weeks and feeling fine. I have been working really hard to watch what I eat and go walking every day to keep the swelling down. Last weeks appointment I had gained 2 pounds which I wanted to attribute to swelling and water weight since I had a good week eating, but wasn't going to deny I could have made healthier choices. But my assumption was confirmed this weeks appointment when that two pounds went away! I had really made sure to walk every day (it makes a HUGE diff with the swelling) and also watching what I eat and sure enough it helped. My goal initially was to gain no more than 20 pounds, but when I was doing really good I thought I'll raise the bar and make it 15. It might actually happen! If I can keep being good, keep walking, keep the swelling down, I just might be able to keep it to 15 pounds. Currently it's 14, and I have a little more than a week. Just wish me luck!

I'm feeling good and getting enough rest (most of the time!). I'm still keeping up with kids okay and happy that my pregnancy has for the most part gone really well. There are always days I'm super hot, super hormonal, or just plain tired, but over all I can' really complain. I still have a bit to do on my list before baby comes, but we are super excited and just can't wait!

I had a conversation with Maliyah the other night about when she would be coming and had to explain that baby's come on their own time. Although there is a due date she could come earlier or later. I was worried due date was going to come, no baby and Maliyah would be devastated. She took the news really well, but I think mostly because it also opened up the option of baby coming earlier! This week is Duck's birthday and for me to have baby on that day is his birthday wish....we'll see how that works! I'll work really hard on Wednesday, drink some castor oil and all those other things ;) that are supposed to put you in labor! Hopefully next week we will have baby pictures to post!

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Herways in Brussels said...

Have enjoyed getting caught up with your life. Now you are about to have a girl, right? MAX is your friends baby, not yours?
Love the red colored berries in the black/white photos...and the red t-shirt one too.
I get deja vu sometimes when I see your kids. It's like looking at Jaron or Jordan or Brent when I see your boys. Wowzer.