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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly Update 3-8-09 through 3-15-09

Wow, what a week! I have to start with pregnancy updates:

I am 2 days from 20 weeks...yay half way there!

Haven't felt baby move yet but during ultrasound she was wired so I at least know she is a live and moving!

My belly has finally popped out. I wasn't showing until about two weeks ago then while Janine was here visiting, well by the end of the week, there it was! I am happy to say though I still fit comfortably in my own clothes (as long as I'm standing!) . I'm sure though this was the last week my jeans will fit. I do Laundry every monday and every Monday it's a test if they will still fit or not. Definitly this is the longest I have been able to go without wearing Maternity.

I finally don't feel sick any more (unless I don't eat, but duh, who doesn't) but my exhaustion level is still pretty high. The only downer here is that I feel great at moments and take on way too much! Every morning on my way home from the GYM I create this agenda in my mind of all the millions of things I'm going to get done that day and then by 8:00 am Im ready for a nap!

Okay, now family update:

Kids have been sick. Yuck! Well everybody has been sick. Double Yuck!

Jayden started last Friday with his 6 hour non stop vomiting (which started a very long tiring week for me)

Duck was Sick last week with a sore throat but Sunday night started puking like crazy.

Kyson puked along side with Duck

Monday thank heaven no puking but golly did I feel sick! (it must have been all the diarhea and puke smells I was around!)

Duck finally goes to the DR to confirm he has Strep and another virus.

Tuesday I finally get laundry caught up and Kyson pukes again.

Duck takes the day off (wow that was nice to have him around!)

Jayden wakes up from his nap with a fever.

Wednesday Jaydens fever gets up to 103 and Kyson gets a fever as well

Thursday boys are both sick and I think I finally finished my last laundry with diahrea crap (literally)

Thursday night we have to cancel our date night because of sick kids

Friday everybody is finally feeling better!!

Kudos to Maliyah because she somehow made it through all of this without one single feeling of being sick!

My week has also been busy with events, something going on every night except for Wednesday! I also have been working on putting together this Photography blog for my mom. A great experience, I'm learning a lot of what I can do with blogger, with editing photos, and it's fun, but VERY time consuming for a newbie. I have spent probably more time just learning how to do it all, vs the actually DOING IT.

I'm sure there is so much more I could tell about my week, but it's my night for dishes, we just finished dinner and we need to get kids in the bath. Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Kelly said...

Halfway!!! YAY!

The Gibson's said...

i hate it when everyones sick it's so hard. I am so sorry you had a sick week. I hope everything goes better this week.

Brent and Shalamar said...

Yuck, sorry everyone was so sick. Ayden has been throwing up all morning! It is NOT fun! Anyway, I'm glad everyone is better. I'm also glad you posted those pictures of mayliah's hair. I want to learn how to do girls hair and have been meaning to ask for some pictures. This woman has a blog of just hairdo's and it's so cute. You're hairdo's are just as cute, you should, if you have time, start a hairdo blog. Check hers out. http://www.cute2tryhairdos.blogspot.com/
Love ya.