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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crater Lake 11-3-08

The Weekend my parents were here we went up to Crater Lake. For those of you who might not know what that is, it’s a huge lake, the deepest in the US and 7th deepest in the world. It was created when the volcano hundreds of years ago, collapsed leaving the hole which then over a period of 250 years filled with melted rain and snow. There are no inlets or outlets therefore reducing debre which explains it’s incredible clarity. Also the walls on the inside are volcanic rock which has little run-off. It maintains it’s current water level due to evaporation and seepage through a hole in the side of the mountain just below it’s level.

It really is an amazing and very beautiful lake and in the summer the clarity is just amazing! We had fun with the kids playing in the snow, making snow men and throwing snowballs at Grandpa….what a sport!

These first couple pictures are actually from when we went July last year, then the rest were from this recent trip.


brookb said...

Those pictures of the lake are unreal! So beautiful! I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

Earle Family said...

Wow! It's beautiful!