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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Playing on the Beach 10-10-08

After visiting the Animal Park, we went to Bandon Loop and found a beach to play at. This is what Maliyah had been waiting for all weekend! The SEa Side, finding sea shells, but to build sand castles on the beach! It was pretty chilly and very windy, but luckly Jayden slept in his stroller the whole time so Duck and I could have fun with the other two. These first pictures are my favorite although they were toward the end of our day. But I love the beach and Sunset and almost wished we sould have stayed longer to have gotten REAL sunset pictures!

Below are a few of the creatures and shell Maliyah and I found when we went exploring.

kyson, I don't remember what he was doing at this moment.

My precious sleeping baby. What a good boy! And what a way to keep warm in the cold!

Duck showed Ky how to run and slide in the sand. He thought it was so awesome and kept trying it over and over. Although he couldn't really slide like daddy did, mostly because he wasn't heavey enough on this rain dense sand, he loved it!

And then last but not least, Maliyah's favorite part, building sand castles!

This was the tunnel daddy and Kyson dug under our castle and city.

Our City...

At the very end as we were getting ready to leave, Duck and Kyson jumped and trashed all the sand creations. Of course to some of us that's the funnest part, but Maliyah was devestated! I let her know we would do it again some day!

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