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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Boarding 8-25-08

One of our elders is going home soon, so before the kids and I left for our trip we had the Elders over to take a picture. It was their P-day and had jsut finished playing basketball, so thus the scrubs....but they also had another mission in mind with this particular days visit! See below

Oh! and Elder Hearty is Canadian and Duck and him always give eachotehr a hard time with our differences, so they made a big deal about the flag being in the background...?

So, Elder Hearty is, Was a longboarder before his mission. Although he didn't ride it, he somehow aquired one on his mission. He insisted Duck try it since Duck always made fun of Elder Hearty about being a Skater....I mean Longboarder! So they braught it over for Duck to try.'

He also rode down the drive way with the kids on it.
Elders to the rescue! Jaydens foot started rubbing on the wheel. It came off totally black! Poor baby!

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