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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crafting Again!

So, I don't assume myself to be some fabulous crafter, or professional, or really unique, but I do love it and think I make some cute things once in awhile! Mostly of cousre I love it, and love that I can creat cute things to decorate my home, or for gifts, for such a low cost because I do all the work myself! Here are a few of what I had worked on just before the trip.

Maliyah was invited to three birthday Party's in one week (this never happens!) and so we made name blocks for each girl. pictured here are two of them. And although you can't see it very well, they are sparkly! maliyah actually did most of the painting as well....she is becoming quite the crafter as well!

I reached the end of my lease for my craft booth at the Gift Shop so instead of paying rent on a booth in a store that I sell nothing in, I proposed something else to the owner. Really the location of the store is amazing fabulous potential, but the owners physically could us some help. So basically I told her to hire me to do her window displays and to make signs for her walls, and the sign for outside her store (they have been open nearly a year and still don't have a sign!). Then she offered to let me keep my booth at no cost! yay! So once a month I get to do the window display (which I like to do that kind of stuff so yay for me) and I get to put all the crafts I want on her walls and in my booth for free! Of course my goal here is to get the store more visable because if people actually go in there, I think they (and me of course) might actually make some money!

The following are a few crafts I made for my Fall display

This little sign I made for my Mother-in-law who is a teacher, but I also made one for the store.


natalie said...

Very cute. What machine do you use for your vinyl? I'm thinking about getting one.

Steven and Savannah said...

Camille, you are so crafty. I love looking at all your new little projects you do! I am jealous! ;)