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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Drive to Utah 5-31-08

This is just a picture right before we left. We had gone on a walk that morning and it was still a little chilly so we busted out the beenie....isn't he cute!?

There is a park in winnemucca that we always stop at for lunch on our drive to Utah. It's great, big, the kids get to burn some energy and play....just in time for long naps! Jayden and I were hanging out on the blanket and we pulled out the shades. He still wasn't quite coordinated enough to pull them off, so they actually stayed on!

Maliyah and Kyson saw Jade with his shades on and wanted to come play too...what a rarity for all three to actually want them on, leave them on and be happy for a picture! I don't have too many pictures of all three kids together that look this good!

Yay for happy times!

There were these two mexican boys playing at the park and were totally interested in Jayden. they kept asking why he would leave the glasses on and not pull them off, and how they had a little sister that would never leave anything on like glasses or hats. It was so funny to try to communicate with them as well. You could tell the older boy must have learned english from school, and had to constantly translate for his younger brother.

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