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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Memorial Day 5-26-08

Memorial Day we had quite the adventure. We were going to go to Ashland to a science museum, but it isn't open on Mondays. So we changed plans and went to Medford instead. They have a nice childrens museum there and thought the kids would like that. I got Maliyah all psyched up for it and then after driving the 1 1/2 hours there discovered it was closed for the Holiday. And yes I even checked on line before leaving to make sure they would be open. I was a little peeved, but mostly Maliyahw as so disspointed. But as you can see in this picture she got over it pretty quickly after we decided to go bowling!

It was the perfect day to go as Mondays bowling is $1.00 plus shoe rental. Except they were out of the kids' sizes, so guess what? We paid just the buck! It was awesome! The kids had a blast of course bowling and Duck and I watching. Oh, and trying to make sure they knew how to take turns! They totally do it all on their own and although dropped the ball a couple of times, nothing more serious than a bruised toe, so we survived.

After bowling of course we had to play in the arcade. We tried really hard to teach the kids better how to play ski ball, but that didn't go over very well!

After Bowling we went to Dinner to Red Robin....Maliyah's Request. She saw on John and Kate plus 8 how they took one of the twins, and she got this huge Ice Cream Shake....so of course Maliyah wanted to go there too! Luckily there was one in Medford!

And then my happy baby Jayden that was just great for the whole ride! And still came home happy after all the business and Driving.

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