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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Pictures 7-18-08

Per request of my mother-in-law we arranged this weekend to take a family picture. Just something simple, yet it needed to be worthy of being hung on a wall! Now, getting our family picture taken shouldn’t be a big deal, a couple of shots and voila…we are done. But #1 with toddlers and babies it helps to have someone taking the picture so as to get the kids’ attention, and #2 Kyson absolutely hates having pictures done! When I asked my friend Sara to borrow her tripod she also asked if I could take some shots of her kids as well. I was fine with that (I hate my camera though and I am not a photographer!), especially because then that created someone to take the shot!

I have to say they didn’t turn out too awful. In fact I was quite pleased. I will never be completely pleased because my camera is crappy, but all my kids are looking and one is actually smiling! I also added the few I took of my friends family. Their kids are just the cutest!
Oh and Don't worry Linda, I have a copy coming in the mail to you soon. You wanted an 8x10 right?

The Davis Family
Dallin, Raegan, Ryan, and Graeson

Sara & Terry

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