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Friday, August 8, 2008

LIfe Doesn't Ever Slow Down 8-8-08

How funny, look at the date! I hope that's really what it is! I was just guessing in my head and I would laugh if I post this and it's not really it!

Well I really should be editing some pictures right now, but I have been wanting to sit and write a little about our week and I just hadn't had the chance yet, so I am now!

This week was Girls Camp and I was helping a friend do the Crafts. We were supposed to do two crafts, but after all was said and done I wished we would have just done one! We made Magnet boards and then they could make earrings. But pretty much because the magnet boards were such a large project, not too many girls cared or even knew to take the time to make the earrings. Oh well! But I have to say some of those girls made some awesome boards! I meant to take pictures of them all, but only managed to get a few...which I will post on Sunday!

Pretty much getting ready for those crafts filled a lot of my time since last Sunday. We spent quiet a big of time last Sunday putting the earring sets together (what a waste of time!...okay so some girls really liked them), and then all evening MOnday getting everything pulled together to make sure that I was ready. I was up way too late Monday night, and getting a little frustrated about my sleeping husband in the other room, but that has since been resolved and I'm proud of myself for not having posted my anger at that time!

Tuesday I dropped the kids off at the sitter for the day and headed up to Girls Camp! It's not too far, about 45 minutes away, but we ended up leaving alittle bit late and we got set up barely in time for the first 3 girls to show up! They got started on their crafts and were really excited about them. Little by little more and more girls trickled in, and before we knew it, we have a full cabin of girls! Each girl got to also choose a word or two that I would cut from the cricut for them, and I found that about an hour into the day I spent pretty much most of time time standing at the cricut cutting. Luckily it does most of the work, but it works so quickly, that by the time I would enter a word and turn for one second to help someone, it would already be done and I would need to move onto the next girl in line! Finally I got smart and pulled up a chair, but golly, I waited too long! The day was a success other than we had way more girls show up than expected that day and we ran out of paint, metal, and only had one more board left at the end of the day!

Jaime (the friend who tricked, oops! I mean pulled me into this) and I decided we wanted to stay a little bit after crafts were over and have dinner with the girls. It was really fun and part of me really wanted to stay the night! I love girls camp, and although it wasn't Lake Lyman, it was really fun being there with all those young women!

We got back pretty late and although I was pooped, I had the priveledge of cutting and routing more wood! Yay! My neighbors probably hated me for the unbearable noise of that router, but ...it had to be done! I also had to make sure and round up anything else we had left behind and arrange everything for me to be able to leave again early the next morning to drop the kids off again and get to the store before we headed up again.

2nd day was crazy!!! But I have to say the funnest part was that Maliyah joined me! I had mentioned it to her the day before and she remembered. When I had gotten home on tuesday she had alreday mentioned it to Duck. Even her friend and friends mom couldn't convince her to stay, she was so excited and determined that girls camp was where she needed to be on Wednesday! She was so giddy and excited it was cute!

She did get a little bored at the beginning as we were setting up, but then we headed up to the mess hall for some lunch before starting and she thought that was pretty cool! Every where we went she was looking for the mouse in teh Dark and Spooky forest (little Einsteins). She was a big helper once we got started and I barely had to worry about her once. In fact we started @ 1:30, and unlike the day before where we slowly got busy, lunch was out at that time and we got slammed! All the sudden we had probably 40 girls in that room! And we also had the 11 year olds from the wards in the stake joining us that day! it was crazy madness! It was so loud, so crowded, and of course every girl needed help right away! And all during this Maliyah just did her own thing, coloring in her notebook and occasionally asking me to show her how to draw a butterfly or bee. She was awesome!

Of course all the girls just were goo goo all over Maliyah and wanted her to go and swim in the Lake with them. I hadn't thought about that so didn't bring her a suit, but finally agreed she could go in her shirt. She had worn two that day so at least we had something she could wear afterwards that would be dry. She had such a blast and those girls were so great with her! Too bad they don't live in Klamath...I could use a good sitter!

We stayed late again that day, joining the girls for dinner and Maliyah still was just fabulous, being very polite and very patient with whatever we were doing. During Flag Ceremony I finally gave in to one girls' pleadings and braided her hair. I wish I woudl have taken pictures because I did corn rows in her whole head. It totally re minded me of Lake Lyman and the line up I would have to braid hair! What can I say? I love doing it!

Leaving was the hardest part for Maliyah. She begged and begged to stay and kept talking about the day she would be able to go to girls camp again. She asked me how long until she was big enough to go to girls camp, and when I said 8 years her reply was "But mom! I can't wait that long! 8 years is too long!" It was so cute, but I was glad that we were able to spend that time together.

Waiting so patiently to get her ice cream!

The joy we find in Dessert!

When we got back from camp I was exhausted. I didn't put anything away or do any cleaning....just went to bed! Thursday was a lazy day. I needed time to recoup and although i would love to be there all week, I felt bad for the leaders that were as exhausted and were still there! They had a pretty big hike on Wednesday and I could tell some of them were just beyond exhausted!

Today was a pretty good day in that I think my energy started to come back. I still didn't get all my chores done, but I was able to do the basics, the kids were fabulous at helping me wash windows, walls and chairs, and we even went out for awhile tonight.

Tonight was my scrapbooking night and I am happy to say I finished 12 pages....and the sad part is that 12 pages and probably 30 pictures, covered about one week's time! That was just of Kyson too! I do the kids' books until they are a year, then just the family one, but today I seriously considered going digital for the family book. When it comes down to it, I think it would be much faster, way cheaper, and much better preserved. I will still make the kids/ first year book as there are many memorabilia items I like to add in there, not to mention the pictures we get professionally for that first year I can't have the right to put in a photo book, but I really really think for our family album I will do it!
The Following are the pages I did my last two sittings.
All for Kyson's book and sorry the pictures are so crappy. The pages don't fit in my scanner and every time I take the picture straight on I just get huge glares from the pictures. Oh well! (one more benefit of digital!...easy to share on line!)

Well it's late, I need to clean up and get to bed. So glad I could share with the few of you who actually like to read my posts, what I have been doing with my life this week!

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