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Friday, August 8, 2008

Kyson's Accomplishment! 8-8-08

Okay, so I was just going to be done on here, but two things, one I just realized that I had posted something this week so I totally just repeated myself in that last post, and the other I just remembered something exciting that has happened!

Kyson is finally pooping in the toilet! Yay! Double Yay! Kyson was really great with his potty training. The first week a little rough, then it picked up and by 3 weeks he was telling me when he neede to go, it was awesome. But he wouldn't poop in the toilet. In fact, we would try and try, then as soon as he was in bed....he would poop! I at first thought it was because he was wearing a diaper because he still wets the bed, but if I forgot to put a diaper on, he would still poop in his underwear. It was almost always night time, occasionally nap time, but almost without fail on a daily basis, Kyson would poop within five minutes of going to bed.

Then yesterday I don't know what caused it, but he got a small poop out and was able to get a prize. Now this prize system has been in order from the beginning, in fact he has pooped in the toilet once before and got a prize...and I thought that would be what would do it, but no. But yesterday he was so excited about his prize, that later he came to me, said poo poo, and he went!! I was so dang excited! So he got another prize! His prized are pretty good...cars from the movie CArs. Kinda pricey, but i found them on sale once and got a few just for this and I have been holding onto them since. And obviously they are good enough because he gets pretty excited about getting them! He went three times, so now I am out, but golly....to just think he has finally figured it out! I pray so hard that this just continues! Wish me luck!!

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