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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It Rained! 8-5-08

So, that may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world...but I can't remember the last time it rained here! It never rains...especially in the summer. But i woke up about 3:00 this morning to the coolest Thunder and Lightening storm! Then when it was done it started raining. And usually here it's like, sprinkle for five minutes and be done, but it really RAINED! Yay!

Yesterday was our first day of Girls Camp Crafts and I think it went well. It was really crazy getting everything pulled together MOnday night, I had a lot of crap to bring up there! We got it up and set up, barely in time for the first girls to arrive. Sometimes not everybody cares to do the crafts. Last year we had tonz that didn't do them, so I actually didn't finishe cutting wood and metal for every girl since we had two days to do them and there was no way all 55 girls would show up to do it today. But it wasn't far from it! By the end of our craft time we had totally ran out of metal, paint, and only had 1 board left! The other craft was to make two pairs of earrings and not too many did those, so I think most of today will consist of the earrings and then just the last 6 for the boards. Although we do have a lot that need to come back to put their metal one, since I didn't bring the rest with me yesterday!

One thing I was suprised about was not only the creativity of the girls but their abilities! Some of their boards turned out so dang cute! The paper pack we got was really cute (I'm totally ready to go and buy it for myself) and so after they picked their paper they would choose their paints and embellishments and go at it. They really all did such good jobs and created some beautiful Boards. I also had my cricut there so they could add their name or some kind of word. They also got really creative with that!

My one major regret yesterday was that somehow we lost our spray adhesive which meant we had to turn to using Modge POdge (which is really not a beginner glue when using paper). A lot of girls had a hard time following my insructions for the Modge Podge so it was a little rough, but we handled well! I still coming back cannot find where the heck that spray adhesive disappeared to! I'm so frustrated too because we were really trying to keep under on our budget and that stuff wasn't cheap! And i have to go and buy all new paint today! But we were way under on our budget we were just trying to be able to hand a lot of it back because they were over in other areas, but I guess I shouldn't feel guilty because they gave us that money to start with!

Well...I'm being lazy because I'm tired, and sitting here typing is so much easier than starting my day, but we have another full day of crafts that I need to get ready for, so better get to house, kids, and getting out the door!

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