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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Duck's Party Props! 8-2-08

For Ducks Birthday he wanted a Golf Ice Cream Cake. So of course we had to have a golf party. But then I got to thinking that we are always invited to party's of his friends...so why not invite his friend to a party! So all week we kept it a secret and has a suprise party for him.
And actually Duck knew we were having a party, but just a family party and he had no idea what we had up our sleeves!
Look on to see what we did!
This is the sign that was posted on the front lawn on my putting Green! Yes I mowed a circle putting green in the front yard. Okay so actually the missionaries mowed it, there was no way I could have had enough time to do it all on my own in the few hours Duck was taking the boys to the Lake!
This is just a bad picture of the first hole in our miniature Golf Course. We created a 4 hole course in the back yard....each hole complete with a theme and sign...although I haven't taken pictures of the signs.

These are a few pictures of the balls we painted to ensure that every person got their own personal no way to get it confused with someone elses golf ball.

This is the CAke Duck requested, although I don't think he was thinking a golf BALL cake, just a golf cake. But when I saw the idea on line, I thought what the heck! It's not as round as I would have liked and the candles melted all over it, but the ball is mostly ice cream with a cake middle...then of couse the fabulous green cupcakes with golf flags.

This is of course the Golf Ball pinata that I attempted to make. I was striking out on making things a good circle! It's hard to make a balloon circle! and it's probalby the last pinata I will ever make! That thing was a pain in the butt and nearly took a week! But the game sure turned out fun! I will post the video after this.

We also of course had a golf game....guess how many tees are in the jars. Some people were waaaay off, but some got pretty close ! Yay Rachel for winning!

Table Center pieces - of course buckets of balls!~ And not pictured - Green Felt place mats.

This is the banner we had hanging outside...it ended up small than I hoped, but still looked cute. And of course says Happy Birthday!

Kid's goody bags!

Each kid got a personalized canteen...and we started out the party decorating foam visors...everybody wore one and that was kinda fun!

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