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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Duck's Birthday Present! 8-2-08

There is actually a really long story behind this one, and a bit hard to explain...and i couldn't post it through the week as I went through it so I'll have to breifly try to hit the basics:
  • Friends Offered pet turtle found months ago in a yard
  • They thought it was an Asian box turtle
  • I discover he isn't
  • I try to figure out what he is so to give the best care
  • I spend hours on line trying to figure out what kind he is
  • Finally find a picture that maybe is it
  • Hear about endangered sepcies in Oregon
  • Look them up
  • Pretty convinced that he was never a pet turtle to begin with, but a wild turtle who is endangered and needs to be returned to his home
  • In the mean time we have a pet turtle!

I hope that slightly describes the process...but also through it hiding this guy in the basement for a week and trying to keep it totally a secret from Duck was torture! Poor little thing, I just want him to be comfortable, but without a species how can I know what he needs!? Working on it.

He hates being in his tank!

Oh, look at that innocent face! Actually he looks like a snake face here!

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