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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yay! Easy money (Okay so I still worked for it!) 7-26-08

The past 6 months I have had a consignment booth at a little gift shop in town. It doesn’t do too fabulous (which is unfortunate because the location is awesome…there is so much potential there!) but I have sold a few things. Anyway, one thing that hasn’t sold at all are my bows. I also sell my jewelry and bows in our Boutique Toy Store…aout the cutest toy store I have ever seen! So I decided to take my bows and a few jewelry pieces in from the gift shop to see if the toy store wanted any. I took in my whole bow board offering to make her a new one and not only did she want to use that board and sell the magnets on it…she took the whole set up! Every thing I had! All headbands, Interchangeable headbands, bracelets, beaded headbands, magnets, bows….you name it she took it! Awesome! I was very excited although she has always liked and baught nearly everything I take in, I just never thought she would want so many bows…usually we do mostly jewelry.

There is a gal that works at this toy store and she also has a business being a clown and doing partys and stuff. Anyway she has another clown friend that she wanted a set of bows for and these are how they turned out.

The cute part about it was when I was done, Maliyah saw them and asked if she could have some too! I though oh, that would be a good idea to make one, but longer ribbons for each friend she has at her birthday party and in pink and purple. But she insisted, "no, I want it to be rainbow colors!"

This is a mini flag, designed after our patriotic flags we made on our craft night here, that Maliyah made the next day. We also made one for Kyson with a start and the cowboys colors....of course!

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natalie said...

You are so talented. I love to see your creations.