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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wierd...was I tired? 7-14-08

I got on this morning to look back at the posts I did last night as it was really late so after posting them I didn't even look at them. And I swear there were two missing! I didn't think much of it, so went on with my day and I just looked again and they are no where to be seen! I'm seriously stumped about what happened, except that maybe I was so tired, that instead of pushing post....I closed the window? I have no idea! Totally wierd.

But what they were, was one was talking about my late meeting and yeah...that's unimportant now, but how during my meeting I used the word squoze. My friend Jamie was like "what did you just say!?" Squoze....it's probably not a real word but i use it all the time! She said she did too and somebody gave her a hard time because it's not a real word! They even looked it up in the dictionary or something. So, my post was about getting a vote. Before you go and look it up on line, I'm curious as to how many people think that Squoze is a real word or not! I'm not going to post one of those voting things, but just through the comment section I would like to hear. In a few days, I'll post the outcome and then my findings on the truth, although I'm sure by then you will have already all looked it up!

My thoughts are this: It doesn't sound like a real word, and I use it not thinking that it is, but then when I actually think about the word I'm using, the past tense of sqeeze, then I think "why wouldn't it be a real word?" So my bets are on that it is now a real word, although maybe in the past it wasn't. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Squoze is a real word. It looks funny to write it, but it is the past tense of squeeze, no question, it is.