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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Teething Again!

I cant' believe it! We finally had a good 4 nights of sleep, of Jayden being completely happy because not only were his teeth not hurting any more because they had finally come in, but he could move around and was free. But alas...all good things must come to an end! I believe he is teething again. Fussy all day, horrible naps, and up multiple times during the night. And he wants to nurse all the time! We have some teething tablets that really seem to help, but of course those are only temporary and we can only give them to him so many times a day. I wish they had time release medicines for babies! WE can give him tylenol to help him get to sleep at night, but again that is only temporary and the 4 hours until that wears off goes by oh so quickly! Then he is up screaming again! I just have close my eyes, remember and cherish the four nights that he slept for more than eight hours!

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Samantha said...

Hey Camille! Hope things are great for you guys! Your family reunion sounds soo fun-we are having our own little Harper reunion the middle of August-I'm soo excited! BTW-My last name is Wescott (: