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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Swimming @ Wiard Park 7-8-08

There is a park here called Wiard. It's huge, has everything (isn't the nicest), but there is shade and the kids love it! they also have a little wading pool open in the summer. We have gone a couple times and this last week the kids' friends invited us to join them! It's so perfect because I think the deepest it gets isn't even a foot, and then goes up to like 4". Jayden loves the water, and absolutely loved this! I don't think he had gone swimming at a pool that went so shallow he didn't have to be held...he was in heaven! That kid is going to be quite a swimmer one day!

Maliyah & Kyson
Kyson trying to kiss Maliyah
X & MM
A & Jayden

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Hunsaker said...

cute camille! i really should take my kids swimming in a real swimming pool! all they know of is the plastic one in our backyard! but the water always looks so refreshing, but that would mean i would have to wear a swimsuit!