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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Too much water fun! 7-12-08

OKay, so more water pictures! But it's just so dang cute when Jade is in the water! He just gets al excited and crazy and fun! Wow! Actually a decent picture of my two boys together and both smiling! How dang cute is that!?
Okay, here you see him trying to pull himself up. He has totally been into trying to stand up! This kid isn't even close to crawling, and all he wants to do is stand! Just like his sister. I think she was 10 months when she finally started crawling, but way before and all the time after she prefered to stand and walk around just holding onto things.
But, this night, for the first time, Jade did get all the way up to standing on his own! I couldn't believe it, but he surely did it! Now I have to watch him like a hawk!

so, Kyson looks freakishly wierd in this picture. And the scariest part is I tried taking it like 4 times, and at least 3 he had this same wierd face!?

His tongue looked so funny in the next picutre, the way in his mouth the sides curved up and you could see right into his throat!

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