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Friday, July 11, 2008

My twins 7-11-08

YEsterday I took the kids to an appointment and they were all measured and weighed. Every where I go Kyson and Maliyah look the same height and people are always asking if they are twins. So even though I may never get a real set of twins, I can at least live the life for awhile!

Lately though people have been asking if Kyson is the older of the two...to which I reply "why don't you ask him his name or how old he is?" Then they ask, and when he doesn't reply or replies with some kind of gibberish...they then know my answer!

At our appointment though Kyson did measure up to be 1/2 inch taller than Maliyah (although I think he was just standing straighter than her, so they are probably the same). But he did weight about 5 pounds heavier. Jayden on the other hand, although he can't measure up to his brother and sister, certainly could to a normal 1 year old! He is exactly 29 inched tall, and 22 1/2 pounds. Finally exceeding the limit for his infant car seat. I am very saddened by this as he still naps every two hours! HOw am I going to go anywhere any more if I can't take his portable bed with me!? I'm going to have to figure this out, because nap times are precious to me and I love their schedules right now.

All three kids nap at the same time in the afternoon....it's an hour and a half to two hours of sweet peaceful heaven! Jayden also takes to other naps, one 2 hour nap in the morning and another 1 -2 hour nap in the early evening. I have been very grateful for my kids that sleep so well!

Okay, so back to the kids' height. Since being measured, Maliyah has totally been on this kick about how big she is. Constantly measuring herself up to anything she is standing by asking "am I bigger?" Or " look how big am I now mom!" It's really quite entertaining. Golly I love my kids!

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The Gibson's said...

I wish my kids napped at the same time that has got to be heaven. Rhett is going to pass up "D" In hight I am sure I am just waiting for the day.