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Monday, July 14, 2008

My Rub a Dub Dub....men in a tub 7-11-08

This starts out with a short clip of the kids plaing in the backyard, but the rest of it is pretty long. you could probalby watch the first few seconds and be fine, but for those who want to keep watching, by all means do! It's Jayden in the cathrub with Kyson, and they had quite the time! The end of it Kyson was giggling, then just starting laughing for the sake of laughing! It was funny and I was just grateful it wasn't crying!

Oh! And the date of this was 7-11, Happy Birthday Natalie!


Hunsaker said...

holy cow! Jayden is just as bad as cooper! It's so scary. by the way! is he crawling?

Hunsaker said...

so, i just showed jr. this movie! he giggled the WHOLE time! it was so cute! he really loved seeing them in video!