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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm a Water Crazy Kid! 7-10-08

As I have mentioned before, Jayden absolutely loves playing in Water. Sometimes I"ll put just a few drops of water in this pool and just let him go at it as I work in the yard....and as long as he can slash...he is A-okay!
This day I was planning my presidency meeting (that i believe I posted was a bust) and my counselors kids were supposed to be coming to play in the yard, so when she cancelled and Maliyah was so disspointed, we called some other friends to come over! WE ended up having a blast, the kids in the two kiddie pools I have and two sprinklers, one for the slide and one for the trampoline. We were going to set up a slip n' slide with the tarp, but it ended up being with Duck at work. Either way we had a good time!
This Graeson. We call her gracie though. She is such a cute! I was watching her once a week for Sara when school was in, and by the end, when she got used to being at our house, it was so fun to have her! She was so smiley and I loved taking her picture! What a doll!

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