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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 24th of July! 7-24-08

Here in Klamath Falls not too many people celebrate the 24th of July. For those of you not from Utah, this is a holiday to celebrate the arrival of the Pioneers to the Utah Valley and the making of Utah state….a state! It’s a HUGE celebration and one of my favorites in Utah, I think it’s even better than the 4th! They have an awesome Parade….activities all day down in Salt Lake (and I’m sure in other cities) and then the most amazing Fireworks.

So although it’s a Utah holiday, it really commemorates the mormon pioneers which as mormons is a huge part of our history and heritage! So I feel no matter where we are as mormons, or Latter Day Saints, that we should celebrate that day and give honor to those brave pioneers that crossed the plains so that we could have what we have today!

With that said, we had the missionaries for dinner and got all patriotic for the holiday. We had a great dinner with Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler for dessert. We roasted marshmallows in our fire pit, finished off our leftover fireworks from the 4th, and Duck and Elder Hearty had a fight with the Snaps. The pictures could tell a thousand words…if they were better pictures! But it’s kind of hard to take good shots of two grown men running around like little boys throwing hand fulls of snaps at eathother!

At one point…Duck and Elder Hearty were apparently way into this game and not paying enough attention to what or who was still around them, but Elder Hearty ran and jumped up and across the picnic table (over all my glassware) and nearly jumping over Jayden. Although this whole time watching the game Jayden had been enjoying himself and even laughing, by this time he threw up his hands and started crying!

And I have to say the funniest part of the night was as the Elders were getting ready to leave, Duck was trying to secretly dump another bag of snaps into his hand. Elder Hearty saw it, ran, went to go and jump over the gate, but I guess it was open? Or something? All I know is it sounded like he fell and then I heard plenty of snaps popping all over!

My Table Center Piece! I found this little hand cart at a yard sale and of course knew one day I would have many uses for it!

Now, I don't know the rules about Missionaries using or starting fire, or using fireworks for that matter, but what they told us is they just aren't allowed to use anything explosive (aren't snaps/pops explosive?) Anyway so Elder Hearty offered to build the fire for roasting the marshmallows. He did an okay job, but i have to admit I could tell he hadn't been a boy scout!

The kids were really into the fire starting process...or maybe they were just really anxious for the marshmallows!

For any of you who don't already know, Kyson doesn't like to be messy. LIke dirt on his hands...hates hit! So when he was looking at me like this with sticky marshmallow all over him, I figured he just didn't like the mess.

Then I got a closer look at what was on his hand! He couldn't throw the snaps becuase they would stick to his marshmallowy hands!

Still though many minutes later he still didn't know what to do with his sticky situation!

This is where it all began! the snaps and exploding champagne bottle fight (did I just say...explosive?)

Look at the sneaky face!

So here is Duck running from Elder Hearty around Jayden

Here is Elder Hearty chasing Duck over the table in front of Jayden

Here is Jayden's reaction to that chase!

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