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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gateway with the Sterretts 6-7-08

One of my favorite things we did, was get with our good friends the Sterretts. We hadn't seen them in a VERY long time, waaaay too long and it was so great! We met at the Gate Way Mall and chatted while the kids ran through the water fountains. Okay, so I ran through too! Although nobody got pictures of me....duh, I'm the only one that thinks tograb the camera!

Mandy & Kyson

Both Kyson and Maliyah really took to the girls. Kyson was attached to Cassidy, and although Maliyah loved Anny (of course, they share names!) she really loved them all! Oh, and I do too!

Maliyah, Cassidy, Kyson

Anny and Anny Maliyah!

Here is Maliyah, Kirstin, Kyson and Cassidy

After playing we went up to the food court for Lunch. Janine and her kids joined us as well and these next two pictures are of our happy boys! It really was a wonderful morning visiting with them and catching up with Veronica! Thanks guys for coming all the way to Salt Lake to meet with us! WE love you!

Cooper and Jayden

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