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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Costs are Rising!

It baffles me that not only can we not afford gas any more, but since gas is rising, the cost of food has go up as well! Last night I did my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and nearly every item I got, was up in price by $ .20 or more! I usually buy hamburger meat in the 5.5 lb amount....typical cost is about $15.00. That might sound high to most of you already, but that's just because I will only buy the leanest. I don't care for hamburger at all, but my family likes all the meals made with it, so I just buy the leanest stuff possible. Anyhow...last night the cost was: $19.98!!! Five dollars more than I normally pay. And simple things like $1.00 crackers were now $1.20. You times those rises in cost by the 100's of items I buy every month! It's ridiculous! I feel like I do really good feeding my family in the small budget Duck has set aside, but with an extra child who is starting to eat real food, and the rising cost of food....I'm having a hard time! Hope you all aren't experiencing the same issues where you are at, although I'm sure you are and can all relate to this! Have a nice day!


natalie said...

Oh yes. I've been feeling the rise is food prices for awhile now. I used to not have to budget much... I could just get whatever I needed. Now it seems like I'm always running out of money and having to ask Noel for more. He wants to know what I'm spending it on... it's hard to believe it's JUST FOOD!

The Gibson's said...

Yes, Yes, we are feeling the pains here and not only do I have to buy food for the 3 of us I have to buy Rhetts formula which the cost is getting very difficult to handle.