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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chocolate Fudge Frosting 7-13-08

Okay, so this cake's story has history. I would like to say I intended for it to look like a giant donut, but really I'll be honest....that wasn't my intent! About 5 years ago....maybe 4, my neighbor Kitty was getting married. I went to pick up her cake from Fred Meyer and I hated it. There was no way I was going to let that be her wedding cake! So I got a refund and picked out this round Chocolate Fudge with chocolate shaving sides and we added some flowers. I have to say not only did it turn out pretty, but oh my gosh was it yummy!!

I kept wanting to repeat this fudge frosting as it was so yummy and fudgy! Not to mention looks kinda pretty. So I tried cold fudge, warm fudge, and I couldn't get anything to work. Cold it was too hard and pulled at the cake, warm enough to spread then would drip and not frost. Never figured it out.

Then last year I saw a picture of a cake from a wedding my mom did. It was gorgeous! 3 white rounds, layered on top of each other but on the tops were fudge frosting dripping down half of the cake. It was so pretty! And my mom said it was a real fudge frosting.

Okay, so on Fathers Day I made a cake for Duck and found a recipe in my Betty Crocker Cook Book, my absolute favorite, for a fudge frosting. I was going to just spread it on all around, but as I put it on the top, it started to drip on the sides. The cake was cold so as the frosting got cold, it then hardened in those drips! I figured it out! And it tasted so . . . so . . . FUDGY!!!

So with that wedding cake in mind, I decided to do a cake with white sides and the fudge frosting. Well I made my own white frosting, didn't have enough butter, and it didn't make quite enough, so the layers were dry and thin. Then although the fudge frosting tasted fabulous, it was a little thicker than the first time so it didn't drip or drizzle quite like the first time either. Needless to say, this delicious cake ended up looking like a giant chocolate glazed donut!

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