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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can Anything be any Better?

I rarely get a chance to spend just with Jayden. Usually when he is awake the other kids are awake as well and things are crazy. Tonight the kids went to bed early, Duck was gone, and Jayden woke up not wanting to go back to bed. I was watching a movie so just held him as he played with toys.
This movie I was watching was about a mother, who in a devestating wreck, thought she had lost the baby she was pregnant with, when that was actually not the truth. For 11 years she lived thinking she had lost her son, and finally, after that 11 years had heard the truth. Knowing he was still alive she was determined to find him. Well of course at the end of the movie, son is reunited with mother. As I sat through the end credits holding Jayden, I started to think of my own kids. What if I were to lose one? What if I didn't get the privilege of raising my children and being able to hold and kiss them every day. I had a tender moment, finally alone and quiet with my baby boy. HOw fast they grow up! In my mind I pictured him 11 years from now, and how quickly that will come! I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity of being a mom. It's got to be the world's greatest and most rewarding job. Thank you Heavenly Father
for allowing me this opportunity!

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