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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another milestone! 7-9-08

Okay, so this might sound dumb to most people, but to me, to my sister, or anybody else who thrives on wrapping their babies tight to help them sleep better and longer, will understand this mile stone for Jayden.

Yesterday was his first full day of naps and bed time with out being wrapped once! And he did awesome. I just lay him down, with his binki (and of course his noise maker, although I don't think that makes a diff. any more) and he goes right to sleep! I have been working on it a little bit over the past week, but he was just getting too big to wrap in his little blankets any more! So at nights when he was really tired I wouldn't wrap him, then started not to during the day and voila! It's so nice to save myself that extra 30 seconds of time that it took to wrap him up, and then I save the other 45 seconds when he wiggles out and needs to be wrapped again, and I have to walk 10 extra steps to the bedroom to re-wrap him again!

So I know that sounded dumb, but I was pretty excited about it. And he looks so cute sleeping now! He loves to wrap his leg and arm around his blanket and lay sideways....just like his mommy!


Earle Family said...

Blogs are great! It's so fun to pop on and see what is up with your family! Sounds like you're all doing great!

La said...

Any milestone is cause to celebrate! I am glad that you had a reason to blog. :)

Hunsaker Family said...

i totally know what you mean! congrats! isn't it cute when they snuggle up to their blanket!