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Sunday, July 27, 2008


OKay, so this post doesn't have pictures, and probably no funny stories, so move on if that's what you want to see! I just need to document a bit more of our week and share with our family what they miss out on every week!

This week was the first time in about a month that I was going to have our full presidency at our meeting. I really worked hard in making sure I was prepared and organized with something for everyone to do. Including assignments for the next week. And as fate would have it, one of my counselors forgot about the meeting. I felt really bad later when I found out they were home, but they had lost the dead reciever to their phone so they never heard us calling and she had just completely forgotten! Oh well, we can always hope for the next week!

I stayed busy this week getting ready for girls camp crafts, super saturday and Duck's Birthday next week. Maliyah is really excited about it. She it totally a party lover! Just like her mom!

Saturday Duck was able to go golfing with some friends. I always like when he gets the chance to go and play, but I hate it being on Saturdays! Oh well. OH! Another thing we finally did on Saturday was clean our carpets! We went in on renting a machine with some friends and I'm so glad we did. We only paid like $15 and although we didn't do all areas we totally could. It really didn't take too long, and we had plenty of soap, but really there are areas in the house not used enough that we felt needed it. But we did finally, after wanting to do this for years....cleaned our couches! I kept wanting to pay someone, thinking it woudl cost like $100, but for just an added 10 minutes after our carpet cleaning we did the couches. Yay! And really they don't look any different. And to anybody looking at them, they don't look dirty....that's why I love my couches, but if I ever go to scrub say marker or something the kids get on there, whatever I'm scrubbing with comes away dirty...gross!

Today was a good day at Church. I recently had called to a primary position less active friend in our ward. She is totally cool and has a really sweet family, but they just don't come. But she accepted the calling and did a fabulous job teaching today. She has a little girl Maliyah's age that loves horses as well, so I'm hoping they can become friends.

Well, that's it for now. I know there is so much more that happened this week, but I was too busy to write it while and when it happened...so i'll try to be better this week. Enjoy the pictures and videos!

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Earle Family said...

Camille ~ Love your blog... it's fun to check in on what you guys are doing! ~ Amy