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Sunday, July 13, 2008

4th of July! 7-4-08

Oh the 4th of July was such a fun day! It was relaxing, I set everything other than family aside, and just had a wonderful day! We started out the day going to the Klamath Falls Annual 4th of July Parade and Street FAir. Well, although the kids loved it, the parade was a typical Klamath Falls Parade. They are usually pretty pathetic, but since that's what my kids are used to, they usually aren't too disspointed. Below are pictures of the best "floats" (they don't do real floats). A fire truck, a chinese dragon, and a pie eating contest float. Really the kids loved it though and Jayden was awesome!

AFter naps and a delicious BBQ dinner we went to our friends house for dessert and Fireworks. WE did our own small fireworks first then went to watch. They had a blast being with their friends and doing the fireworks. It was just so enjoyable to watch them have such a good time!

Sweet little V!
Maliyah wanted to get her face painted at the street fair, but I didn't want to wait in line, plus I had seem some of the faces painted and they weren't too fabulous. NOw, I'm not by any means an artist or a painter, but i knew I could do a better job. So we went home, busted out the paints.....and I was amazed! It actually turned out so stinkin cute! Definitely have to do it again.
So, the following pictures of Maliyah on a horse will be no suprise. We waited in line for 30-40 minutes, to ride the darn things, but that's the one thing they chose to do at the street fair. So we waited and waited in the heat. Kyson is always wimpy about riding the pony's so I usually assume he won't. But this time not only did he go through with the ride, but he even had a good time! What amazing suprises await me every day!

Waiting in line for the pony ride.

My cousin's wife had posted on her blog her daughters cute little painted "piggies" for the holiday and I had to copy her! I got a little carried away, but Maliyah and I had a fun time painting our nails together. Thanks Katie for the idea! First time I have painted my finger nails in years!

There is a little baby Boutique on Main Street that I stopped in during the street fair and I saw this. I thought it was really cute and would love to make one for my boys.

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